Jaya Kratom

Central Borneo Maeng-Da

Central Borneo Maeng-Da

Mitragynine: 1.44% / 7-hydroxymitragynine: 0.014%

Our Central Borneo Maeng-da is a classic green cured kratom coming from a single small agroforestry set up along the banks of the Kasogan river. 

We call this Central Borneo variety ‘Maeng-da’ in the tradition of the colloquial Thai expression which is used to refer to ‘top-grade’ kratom. This particular wild-growing kratom, harvested from smallholder agroforestry farmland is truly the Maeng-da, the top grade of this particular region. 

While high levels of mitragynine and 7OH are present in all of our varieties, kratom contains dozens of other alkaloids that are influenced by the unique soil composition and environmental factors of different regions. This Central Borneo kratom holds subtle unique characteristics gifted to it by the particular climate and mineral content of the region. 


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