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West Borneo Green Capsules (30 Count)

West Borneo Green Capsules (30 Count)

Mitragynine: 1.47% / 7-hydroxymitragynine: 0.001%

Enjoy Jaya kratom in capsule form for on-the-go convenience. Each capsule contains half a gram of kratom and is 100% gelatin-free and plant-based. 

Our West Borneo Green is the most balanced of all our kratom, fitting perfectly in the middle of the spectrum between white and red. Green, for good reason, is the most classic and popular type of kratom produced in West Borneo.

This green variety is dried for 1 day with indirect sunlight then 1 day with direct sunlight.

Our 30-count capsules come in a reusable metal tin to accompany you on all of your adventures.


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