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Both Crushed Leaf Kratom and powdered kratom are great options but they each have distinct advantages. In this article, we will share the key differences between the two methods of ingestion to help you decide what’s right for you!

Powder kratom is the most common and versatile option. You can brew it into a tea, mix it in with juice, press the powder into Capsules, fill Blate Papes or just toss and wash. Because the kratom leaf is so finely milled it is easily absorbed by the body and since the powder is fully ingested, you know you are getting 100% of all the alkaloids, antioxidants and polyphenols the plant has to offer – nothing is left behind.

Kratom powder is also generally best when on the go, 100g of kratom powder is going to take up significantly less space than 100g of crushed leaf. You can quickly and discreetly enjoy a few capsules when traveling or mix a spoonful of kratom into any bottle of juice.

Unlike kratom powder, crushed leaf requires hot water and can only be prepared as a typical tea. So while this is sometimes a limitation, this is also where crushed leaf shines. It makes a wonderful tea which has a much lighter flavor than drinks prepared with powder. Many people find the flavor of crushed leaf tea to be less bitter and more palatable than classic powder based tea. So if you are someone that enjoys having a tea ritual and is looking for mellow flavor, crushed leaf is the way to go. 

Crushed leaf is also an excellent option for people with sensitive stomachs. Since the leaf is just extracted into the water and not ingested like powder it can be easier to digest, especially when brewed with some fresh ginger. 

Crushed leaf is also one of the most traditional ways to consume the plant. In Southeast Asia where kratom has been consumed for hundreds of years the leaves are typically either chewed fresh or crushed and brewed into a tea and strained. So if you want to consume the plant as it has been used for hundreds of years, crushed leaf tea is going to be the most traditional method of consumption. 

Preparation of crushed leaf versus powder tea can also be easier. Making a proper powder kratom drink means you have to make sure all powder is evenly mixed so there are no clumps. Then, once the drink is prepared whether it’s kratom in juice or kratom tea, the powder will gradually settle at the bottom requiring you shake or stir between sips. Crushed leaf tea on the other hand does not require any shaking or stirring, a large amount can be brewed up then easily served hot or chilled for later on. 

If you are recommending kratom to someone who is new to the plant or skeptical about kratom, Crushed Leaf Teabags are the most approachable and beginner friendly method of preparation. There is nothing intimidating about preparing a cup of tea and crushed leaf really allows people to see for themselves what kratom is – nothing artificial or synthetic, just the leaf of a tree. 

Personally for us at Jaya you will find us munching fresh leaves in the jungles of Indonesia, taking capsules on hikes, and enjoying both powder and crushed leaf tea while working or socializing. We find each type of kratom preparation has its own unique benefits and we love the variety of options.

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