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Crushed-leaf kratom can be used to make a variety of delicious kratom drinks, we will run you through our favorite and the most straightforward crushed-leaf tea recipe as well as give you some modifications to experiment with.

Crushed leaf has the distinct advantage of being a clear tea, meaning that the plant matter is strained out so it is perfect for those who have s sensitive stomach. Click here to read more about the advantages of crushed leaf. 

Looking for a recipe for classic kratom powder? Follow this link to check out our favorite kratom tea recipe or watch this video on our YouTube channel. 


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Crushed leaf kratom. We recommend 1.5g per serving if you are new to kratom. Gram-to-gram crushed leaf is almost as potent as powder kratom, so use your regular dose if you are used to kratom.

• 8oz of piping hot water per 1.5g of kratom. More leaf requires more water for maximum extraction

• A splash of fresh lemon juice

• Honey or sweeter to taste

• Choose your brewing equipment: if you are using our 3g tea bag we recommend brewing it in a teapot, large mason jar or a thermos. If you are using loose leaf there are a number of different options you can select from any type of tea strainer, french press, teapot with built in infuser, or simply brew the loose leaf in any vessel then strain. Check out our starter set!


leaves black

1- Weigh out your desired amount of loose-leaf kratom or choose one of our pre-measured 3 gram teabags.

 2- Add lemon juice to aid extraction.

 3- Add hot water and let brew for 10+ minutes. Unlike many teas, kratom tea doesn’t become more bitter if over-brewed so no need to remove the teabag after 10 minutes.


4- Once slightly cooled add honey to taste. The healthy properties of honey can be destroyed by very hot water so it’s always recommended to add honey once the water has cooled a little.


5- Enjoy hot or allow to cool completely and serve as a refreshing iced tea!


♦  Brew the crushed leaf with your favorite herbs or tea blends for added flavor. We’ve found citrus flavors like lemon and orange to blend best with the bitterness of kratom but there are endless possibilities to explore. One of our favorites is a kratom, lemongrass, rose, cardamom and ginger herbal blend.

Add some extra sweetener and freeze the kratom tea into popsicles or ice cubes for hot summer days. The kratom tea ice cubes can also be blended up with frozen fruits or juice to make an amazing kratom slushie. 

Ice the tea and then using a sodastream you can carbonate it to make a delicious homemade kratom seltzer.

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