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The 5 best ways to prepare kratom

Kratom is a bitter leaf, appreciated for its pleasant effects more so than its earthy flavor. Fortunately, we’ve cracked the code on how to make kratom taste great. These are the best recipes we’ve found after years of experimentation.

First, the basic formula so you can find alternative recipes that work for you: kratom + acidity + sweetness = delicious 

If you have a very sensitive pallet and even mildly bitter flavors are tough, you might be better off with capsules or Blate Papes. If you’re ok with green tea you should be able to handle kratom prepared correctly. 

On another note, kratom that is old, grey, or gritty will never taste good. A fresh, brightly colored powder has a much cleaner flavor, similar to the difference between culinary and ceremonial grade matcha. We import our kratom in small batches by airfreight to ensure freshness, never in large quantities on cargo-ships. 

Option 1: As a tea with lemon and honey

This is our go-to everyday recipe. It’s the one you will find on the back of our packaging. 

Step 1: Set a kettle to boil. 

Step 2: Put your dose of kratom in a cup (start with 1.5 grams if you are not familiar with the plant. This should be a light but noticeable dose) 

Step 3: Add a small splash of fresh lemon juice. If you consume kratom regularly we recommend buying a bottle of pure lemon juice. It’s less messy and keeps for longer than fresh lemons. We do not recommend the citiric acid based/from concentrate lemon juices, they just don’t taste as good! 

Step 4: Mix the kratom powder, some honey and lemon juice into a paste at the bottom of the cup to remove clumps. This will give you a smooth drink. For best flavor, use a high quality local honey. 

Step 5: Add hot water, preferably at about 160 degrees- boiling water can degrade the flavor.  

If you prefer iced drinks add only 50% water then top off with ice cubes. 

Stir as you drink to prevent the powder from settling. 

Option 2: Strained with lemon and honey

If you have a sensitive stomach, this one is for you. Crushed leaf tea will make a clear tea, meaning you are not actually ingesting any of the plant matter. We find that folks who experience nausea from powder kratom usually prefer crushed leaf kratom. 

You will need crushed leaf tea and a strainer as well as a flask or teapot. 

Add your dose of crushed leaf to the strainer, pour a splash of fresh lemon juice over, then follow with boiling water. For powder kratom tea we recommend 160 degrees whereas crushed leaf tea infuses better with fully boiling water. Allow to brew 10+ minutes then enjoy!

You can enjoy hot or iced. This one is perfect to take out with you since unlike powder, it doesn’t settle to the bottom of the cup. We like to take this one to parties to have an alcohol-free option. 

Option 3: In pineapple juice

This one is great when you’re on the road and don’t have the equipment to make a tea. Most convenience and grocery stores have some kind of pinapple juice, choose one that is uncarbonnated and has a cap you can put back on. 

Put your serving of kratom into the pineapple juice and shake it vigorously until all the clumps have disappeared. Enjoy!

Option 4: In lemonade

Another one for on the go: pre-made uncarbonated lemonade drinks make a perfect mixer. Just add your dose, shake up and you’re good to go! 

Hint: it’s even better over ice on a summer’s day. This is our go-to for beach days and picnics.

Option 5: In a Vitamin C shot

This one has a special place in our hearts as it’s our go-to on research trips in SE Asia. Most convenience stores around the world carry some variation of a citrus Vitamin C shot, so just add your kratom, shake it up and you’re good to go! 

Be careful to choose one that doesn’t have excessive caffeine added if you want to avoid feeling jittery.

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