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While certainly the most prevalent, Mitragynine is just one of many beautiful alkaloids within the kratom leaf which all work synergistically to create the effects we know and love. That’s why we say that you shouldn’t read too much into these lab tests beyond a general indication of quality. 

With our new lab tests we are able to get a much more complete picture of each batch’s overall potency. The new alkaloids we are testing for that are showing up in significant quantities are Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Speciociliatine, research has shown these alkaloids are structural isomers of Mitragynine, so long story short, while they have some unique properties they act much in the same way as Mitragynine. To learn more about these alkaloids and what receptor sites they target in the body highly recommend watching Dr. Christopher McCurdy’s lecture on the topic (click here to watch) !

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